Major Karl Thore

Karl Thore was born on July 14, 1895. He was born in Germany,He fought during WWI as a 19 year old Leutnant. After Germany lost the war, Karl Thore was in a state of remourse, as his once great Nation began to crumble at his feet, with nothing he could do about it. In 1937, Generals from the Wehrmacht called upon Karl Thore and his experience to train future officers. During his time training officers, Thore was promoted to the rank of Oberleutnant. When Germany invaded poland in 1939, Thore was there, he led a Platoon of Panzergrenadier Pioneers. In early 1942, Karl Thore was promoted to the rank of Hauptmann because of amazing leadership and combat qualities found in him on the Eastern Front. Later on in 1943, Karl Thore was serperated from his Kompanie and placed into the 12th Panzer Division. After quite some time, and battles. Through thick and thin, and only being wounded once in the arm. Karl Thore in 1944 was promoted to the rank of Major and given command of the 25th Panzergrenadier Regiment, 12th Panzer Division. Karl Thore fought by the side of Oberst. Josef Harpe, and Oberleutnant. Kuhn (Under his command) untill the end of the war, and lived untill 1971, sharing his experiences with freinds, attending reunions of old German War veterns. Early, in 1954, The newly organized German Army called upon Karl Thore to train a new wave of German Officers. Which he did. He later retired as a Oberstleutnant. He died in Berlin. July 15, 1971



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