Oberst Josef Harpe of 12.Panzer-Division

Josef Harpe was born in Buer in September 21 1887

Josef Harpe was in World war 1 and fought as a Shutze (Private) and got the rank of Hauptmann (Captain) by the end of the Great war!

In April 15 1938 Harpe got the rank of Major and was 3rd in command of the 2. Infanterie-Division (mot.). In the Invasion of France he showed great leadership and strategy to achive Victory against the enemies so by 1940 he got Promoted to Oberst and was now in command of the 2. Infanterie-Division (mot.) but in January 10 1941 the 2. Infanterie-Division (mot.) was Renamed to 12.Panzer-Division and Josef Harpe was asked to continue leading the division and Harpe accepted the position and continued to lead it till the end of World War 2.



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