Leutnant Fritz Wisse

In 1938 he went to the Wehrmacht at the age of 18 were he became an Unteroffizier of the Artillerie Regiment 174.
As the leader of a sFH (Schwere Feldhaubitze/Heavy Fieldhowitzer) 15cm unit he was send with the Regiment to France in mid 1940
to support the assault there.
Until June 1941 the Regiment was stationed in Dresden as a Regiment in reserve.
In June 1941 then the AR 174 was send to support the attacks at the easternfront. The actually first time the Regiment was
in combat.
After the victorious battle of Charkow, Fritz Wisse was promoted to the rank of Feldwebel.
1 week after the beginning if the assault of Stalingrad, Wisse was send to the 20. Rumanian Infanterie Division
as liaison officer to the 326. mot. Division.
In that time he earned the EKI, the EKII and the Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen through a storm attack to rescue a rumanian unit
which was surrounded by sowjet soldiers.
In oktober 1942 Wisse was send backwards to the Sturmgeschützbteilung 44 where he commanded a StuH 42.
4 days after his transfere to the Sturmgeschützabteilung 44 he got promoted to the rank of Leutnant and from then he commanded
a PzKw IV unit with 5 tanks.
In late 1943 he was send back to Germany to take over a companie of the 150. Infanterie Division which was send to France to
support the defence lines at the coast of the Normandy.
Here he stayed for 2 month until he was send to the 12. Panzer Division as commander of the 5. Panzer Regiment.



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