Friedrech Kühn was born 1st of may 1924 in the small town of Weimar.
His mother died of an unknown disease when he was 14.
His father who quit his job out of sorrow moved Friedrech to live with relatives in Berlin, he then commited suicide while Friedrech was gone.
By the age of 18 Friedrech left the relatives and started drifting around the streets of Berlin, when he discovered a recruitment poster and joined the Wehrmacht.

In the Wehrmacht he was assigned to the 12 Panzer-Division and quickly got an NCO position, he later was promoted to the rank of Leutnant after showing his natural leadership skills.
He time after time proved to be a capable leader and was later promoted to OberLeutnant.

He died 1962 after being shot twice by a bankrobber in West-controlled part of berlin.

He died the age of 38.

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