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Welcome to the 12.Panzer-Division - Coop Realism unit WikiEdit

We are an ArmA 2 Unit for the mod Invasion1944

We are fighting for the German side and as the Wehrmacht, we are an Panzer Division but we also use Panzer-Grenadiers in english: Tank troops

We do coop missions in a set of year during the World War 2 era and we name them for example: Operation Löwe Fang (Lion claw) We try to make it as much realisitic as possible as in: German names, German ranks, german names on companies, regiments etc etc

12.Panzer-Division CommandersEdit

Oberst Josef Harpe - Division Commander

Major Karl Thore - 25.Panzergrenadier-Regiment Commander

Leutnant Fritz Wisse - 5.Panzer-Regiment Commander

Oberleutnant Friedrech Kühn - 25.Panzergrenadier-Regiment/Brandenburg Kompanie/1.Platoon Commander


Operation Löwe Fang - November 5 1944, Belgium


12.Panzer-Division Theme song



12.Panzer-Division Marching song

100px|12.Panzer-Division Marching song


12.Panzer-Division Battle song



12.Panzer-Division Victory song


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